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Eagles' biggest takeaways from an embarrassing Week 12 loss.

Welp, that is not the outcome fans were hoping for. The Philadelphia Eagles set out on the road to face their divisional rivals, the New York Giants. To be completely blunt and as the title suggests, this was an absolute stinker of a game. After fans pretty much lost all control of theirs minds, the absolute crap show of a game was put to bed with a Jalen Reagor drop. Giants win, 13 to 7.


Outside of some splash plays here and there and the Eagles' defense playing well, this game was one of the worst I have seen in a long time by this team. What if I told you that the Birds had more total yards (332), more first downs (19), more tackles for a loss (7) than the other team? One may suggest that team one, correct? Not if you are the Philadelphia Eagles. Okay, I will go ahead and end the rant here, let's get into some of the biggest takeaways.

1. Jalen Hurts played the worst NFL game of his career, but he had some help.

This is going to be a big stock-down game for Jalen Hurts and there is no other way to put it. Jalen was 14 of 31 passing, 3 interceptions, and no touchdowns. Now, that of course is not good, but the concern that I have was all of the items Hurts was showing growth on all came crashing back in this Week 12 matchup. Not planting his foot into a throw and not getting off his first read handicapped the offense in a big way.

However, we all have to be fair about this. Head Coach Sirianni also looked lost today and it just so happens when the play calling got shaky, so did his quarterback. Hurts teammates (outside of DeVonta Smith) did him no favors as well. Multiple drops by players (including two touchdown drops from Jalen Reagor) and costly penalties killed multiple drives. The one thing that is for sure about Hurts for this week at least, it all can not be on him.

2. Though the defense played well, they did not step up when this team needed them the most.

In total, this defense played extremely well and did its job holding the 'G-Men' to only 13 points. However, when they needed a stop the most, this defense allowed a 7 minute and 22-second drive that allowed for a field goal. Similar to the Chargers game, they were leaving their offensive counterparts with minimal time left to go a long way.

Though the defensive front was crashing through the Giants' offensive line, they still were only able to come up with one sack. New York played the game smart and did not give their quarterback a chance to make one of his normal mistakes. They only targeted Darius Slay's side of the field once, which resulted in a big-time pass breakup.

3. This team needs to make a choice about Jalen Reagor, quickly.

Not that fans really needed to be persuaded on this, but it is time that this Eagles team admits the pick was a mistake and move on. Honestly, why was Reagor even targeted so much in this game? He has not proved any ability to gain that type of trust. However, his pass targets were a result of another big issue.

Yes, DeVonta Smith was open during plays of this game, but the Giants did a decent job of covering him for the majority of this embarrassing outing. What was concerning is how much Quez Watkins, JJAW, and Dallas Goedert shrunk and were almost a non-factor. The obvious argument is that they were not targeted, but in truth, they were locked up in coverage often.

Reagor (if you have not already seen the game) dropped not one, but two walk-in touchdowns and at the very least Sirianni should have a 2016 'Nelly and Pederson' conversation.

4. Miles Sanders' playmaking abilities are not a question, his health is.

Including his rookie season, Miles Sanders has not played an entire year without dealing with some form of injury. He has missed time the last few years and had to take himself out of the game a few times this past Sunday. Miles is a hard runner, who has explosive speed, but like his former teammate (Saquon Barkley), that type of running puts a lot of pressure on knees. This leads us to our next point.

5. Jordan Howard was missed in a big way.

It's hard to not look at the evidence and see that Jordan Howard's type of running is something that was greatly missed in this matchup. Even with center Jason Kelce being out for a while, the offensive line was opening big lanes for their running backs, and Howard's downhill running would've taken a lot of pressure off of Jalen Hurts.

6. The broadcasting and officiating of this game were AWFUL.

Am I being petty? Maybe. In all honesty, both were complete garbage. The T.V reviews were non-existent on 'penalty plays', there were multiple plays missed due to them not knowing how to time commercials properly, and the commentating was just absolutely bland.

Now, on to the officiating. Never want to be this guy, but just on the Giants offensive line alone, I counted 10 clear as day holding penalties, which only one was called. If it seemed a little odd to you that the Giants line was holding up decently, there is your answer.

7. The Giants did not beat the Eagles, this team beat themselves.

Honestly, it would not be a complete Eagles season without this team dropping an extremely winnable game to a lesser opponent as the team that leads the division is falling behind. However, Sirianni and this offense came in extremely unprepared (or unsure) of their game plan. Sirianni was all over the place in the plays he was calling, Hurts struggled greatly, and costly penalties and drops negated not one, not two, not three, but FOUR touchdowns.

I have to be just blunt, the fact that the Eagles only lost this game by six, is a legit miracle. The defense will get a pass from the FPF family this week, but Hurts, Sirianni, and the rest of this offense need to go back to the drawing board on what in the world they are going to do week in and week out.

The good news for Philly fans is that Hurts is not one to make mistakes on repeat.

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