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Eagles players have each other's backs, always.

Philly fans, as we are unfortunately only 48 hours removed from the devastating Super Bowl loss, most of us started the healing process. With the Philadelphia Eagles officially beginning their offseason, most fans started to let the light shine in, look into what this team can do in the offseason, and reflect on the positives of the hard fought game that just occurred.

Just like the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, Eagles' fans and plays have been dealing with different teams chirping about a multitude of nonsense. I am unfortunately here to say, that this week is no different. Now, of course the Birds were going to be the in the forefront of some jokes, but something happening this valentines day that struck a cord. A Chiefs players took it to far and then regretted it instantly.

Who are we talking about? None other than JuJu Smith-Schuster. You know, the guy who always makes those tik-toc videos. Well, Mr. Smith-Schuster to a joke to far when he posted this on his twitter page.

So, needless to say it was not the most classy move JuJu could've made, but he chose to be funny.

Welp, I am here to tell you, obviously Eagles' players did not take to kind to that. In fact, one player appeared to awoke a choose violence. That player is none other than AJ Brown. This is what Mr. Brown had to say on the matter also via his twitter.

Needless to say, AJ broke twitter today, this post is almost at nine million views. This to me fans, is a simple form of f**k around and find out.

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