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Eagles' Mock Draft 9.0

Alrighty Philly fans, the Philadelphia Eagles are coming to the close of their 2021 season. With that being said, a few things are coming more and more clear. One of them is the Birds overall needs heading into the 2022 season and what exactly their draft capital is going to look like.

As most fans know, the Eagles own the Dolphins and the Colts first round pick heading into this draft. If the season where to end today they would have the 19th, 20th, and 23rd overall draft picks. Not exactly as pretty as it was looking earlier in the season, but none the less having three first round draft picks is a thing of beauty.

Even being pushed into the back for picks, there is still a grand amount of talent that this team can draft that they need desperately. Let's see who the Eagles can pick up in 2022.

First Round

19th Overall Pick : Via Dolphins - The Philadelphia Eagles select:
Devin Lloyd, LB : Utah.

We have attached Utah's star linebacker to the Eagles before so we are not going to spend much time here. He is athletic, fast, powerful, and would be a great addition to bolster the Birds lacking LB core. Lloyd has been moving up and down the board for sometime, but if he is available there is no reason this team should not select him.

20th Overall Pick - The Philadelphia Eagles select:
Rodger McCreary, CB : Auburn.

McCreary has steadily crept his way up the draft board of many analysts over the past few weeks. His speed and overall ball skills make him a solid addition to anyone's secondary. He is still raw in his overall talent, but with a offseason or two under the right coach he could easily be a star.

McCreary is also a sure tackler and is not afraid to hunt down running backs. He can be placed in a multitude of formations, but man coverage is where he thrives most. Also fun fact, his uncle Angelo James, also played CB for the Eagles back in 1987.

23rd Overall Pick: Via Colts - The Philadelphia Eagles trade to the Jaguars.

There are players available that the Eagles would like to have and certainly this fanbase would love to grab, but the truth is this franchise is still unsure about Jalen Hurts. With next years QB class looking 100% better then this upcoming drafts, it would not shock me if Howie Roseman traded away one of his picks for a future first rounder.

Trading to Jacksonville makes sense simply because they are in desperate need of home grown talent and will likely be once again high on the draft board next year. If the price for Russell Wilson becomes to high, it could be likely Roseman does some shuffling.

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