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Eagles' have now secured the first round pick from the Colts.

Well Philly fans, the day has finally come. After an extremely long wait, the wait has finally come to an end. Going into halftime of the Indianapolis Colts game, former Eagles' QB Carson Wentz has played all offensive snaps. If you are unaware why this a big deal, no worries, we got you covered.

When the Eagles and Colts agreed to a trade for Wentz during the offseason, part of the trade package was a conditional second round pick that could become a first if Wentz played 75% of the offensive snaps for the 2021 season. As stated earlier, has now surpassed the thresh hold and the Eagles have the Colts first-round pick.

Officially the Birds will have 3 first-round picks heading into the 2022 draft. They have the Miami Dolphins, their own, and now the Colts. That is the most draft capital that this team has had ever in the history of this franchise and it is now up to Howie Roseman to start drafting for the future of this team.

Some solid news considering all of the other stuff going on (like the NFL totally boning this team).

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