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Eagles fans, stop with the Pederson and Wentz nonsense.

Alright Philly fans, we here at the FPF Network, like to take some pride in writing, researching, and publishing certain concerns that this fan base has. However, as of late that appears to be thinking the Philadelphia Eagles may have made a mistake letting former head coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz go.

Now understandably, these thoughts are coming from the current state of this franchise and to be honest, I get it. Let's take a second to think about these thoughts before we put some effort into saying them. Almost every Birds fan last season was calling for Wentz to be benched and for Pederson to get fired because of the overall product that was fielded in the 2020 season.

We will break this up into each individual separation, starting with Wentz. The former franchise quarterback has been doing okay this season. He is a far cry from his 2017 self, but he has been serviceable in the Colts offense and THAT WAS THE POINT. The whole condition of this trade rode on Wentz playing okay. Seriously, if Wentz totally stunk, there would've been a high probability that they would bench him and the Eagles would not get that first-round pick.

Secondly, the comparison of current quarterback Jalen Hurts vs Carson Wentz in their first 10 starts is absolutely comical. Both of these quarterbacks entered the season into two totally different franchises. While we are comparing things, why are we all comparing their first 10 starts? Let's compare Wentz's last 10 starts compared to Hurts' first 10.

Carson Wentz final 10 games with the Eagles:

Passing Yards: 2090

Rushing Yards: 276

Total Touchdowns: 21

Total Interceptions: 15

Completion %: 57.4

Jalen Hurts first 10 games with the Eagles:

Passing Yards: 2455

Rushing Yards: 715

Total Touchdowns: 24

Total Interceptions: 8

Completion %: 57.7

To also add and to finish this part of the story up. Wentz no longer wanted to play for this team. He refused to accept responsibility for his poor play and his ability as a teammate was extremely questionable. The Eagles were right to let him go and move on.

Now, onto coach Pederson. Out of the two, this argument has the most chances to possibly be correct, but let's check the record. A lot of fans put stock into the fact that outside of 2017, Pederson had this team in the playoffs in back-to-back seasons. Some context has to be added to this. If it were not for a Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys season flop, this team would've not seen the playoffs. Not to mention this team's offense was on a 3-year decline since that Super Bowl season.

It also should be mentioned, especially towards the end of 2020, Pederson was more than checked out. If the former head coach was such a hot ticket item, why has he not been employed by any other team? Do I think the Iggles cut ties with him a little fast? Possibly, but just like the quarterback comparison, both Pederson and Sirianni entered the league in two completely different situations.

When Pederson became the Eagles head coach, his support staff was primarily made of veteran coaches and former players. Heck, he even had Brian Dawkins on his staff. Though some by choice, Sirianni does not have anywhere near the same amount of experience.

To put this to bed, it was time for a change for all parties involved.

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