Comparing Their First 15 Starts: Jackson vs Hurts

This season Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback Jalen Hurts has been under fire from both the fanbase and the media about his play so far. Hurts came into the league with high expectations after a phenomenal career in college, along with having all the intangibles a productive quarterback should have. But now everyone seems to like to compare his play to a guy who plays a similar style and has already won an NFL MVP. Lamar Jackson won the MVP back in 2019 and has taken the league by storm as one of the most exciting players the NFL has ever seen.

Below are both of their stats through their first 15 starts in the NFL:

Lamar Jackson:

4,120 yards total offense

26 touchdowns

12 turnovers

213 first downs

Jalen Hurts:

4,115 yards total offense

29 touchdowns

11 turnovers

209 first downs

Lamar didn't have the same growing pains that Jalen has had but Jackson was thrown into a better situation with the Baltimore Ravens than Hurts. That being said, Jalen Hurts has made the best of his situation and is helping the Eagles fight for a playoff appearance despite a slow start to 2021.

Fans began the season calling for the team to look in a different direction at the quarterback position although Hurts hasn’t even played a true full season. He has progressed very nicely over the past few weeks and has helped the Eagles win a few games and are back in the playoff hunt. I believe he has earned more time and should be the starter going into 2022. Looking at the next draft class, not a single quarterback is better than Hurts, so if you want to draft a QB it must be the following year’s draft. The Eagles shouldn’t waste their first-round picks on this year’s QB draft class. Maybe if the Birds use those picks to booster their defense and they improve then there won’t be as much pressure on Hurts and the offense.

What are your thoughts? Should the Eagles continue with Hurts or move on? If they move on, who should they replace him with? Should they get a new QB through the draft or free agency? Comment below and interact with me on Twitter @John_Pentol_

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