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6 things that Eagles' fans learned from a Week 11 victory.

Philly fans, it has finally happened! The Philadelphia Eagles finally won their first home game against the New Orleans Saints. The Eagles walked off the field victorious after running over the Saints, 40 to 29. This team has kept their season alive with this win and we as fans may look back at this game as the deciding factor on the outcome of this season.

There was a massive amount of good that came from this game, but there were still some head-scratching things that for sure frustrated this fanbase. After so much talk about the Saints having one of the best defenses in the NFL, the Birds put that to the test in a major way by producing almost 400 yards of offense. Needless to say, it is great that we all get to enjoy another victory Monday. With all of that said, let's get into some of the major takeaways from this game.

1. Do not let the completion percentage of Jalen Hurts fool you.

A common concern around this fanbase on Jalen Hurts is that the run game is hiding his weaknesses. In reality, it has put his strengths on full display. Over the last few weeks, Hurts has been getting more and more comfortable in the pocket, increasing his accuracy, and being able to keep his team heading down the field.

What all fans have been witnessing is the continuous growth of Hurts week over week. The second-year QB is making his case to remain the QB1 for the future. Also, fun fact for fans, Hurts seemingly has the Saints number in a big way.

2. Number one rushing defense? Sirianni doesn't care.

Coming into this game New Orleans had the number one rushing defense in the league, only allowing 68 yards a game. The Birds put up 242 yards on the ground and three rushing touchdowns. The head coach continued to have faith in his offensive line and his running game and continued to deploy rushing attack after rushing attack that wore the Saints quickly.

The young coach has learned how to win with the offensive pieces that he has and has really started playing to his players strengths. It's not just simply running the ball that is making this offense good, it is the various run packages that they throw at defenses that continue to make them guessing.

3. Slay is not making arguments for a Pro Bowl nod anymore.

So, we have written a few times about cornerback Darius Slay working his way to a Pro Bowl selection. After today's game 'Big Play Slay' is working his way for an All-Pro selection and should start being discussed as a possible DPOY candidate.

Slay had his third interception and third defensive score against the Saints and if you are wondering how good of a player Slay is when he is on the field, the second he left due to an injury, New Orleans was able to make a massive dent in the Bird's lead.

4. The future cornerstones of this team are looking bright.

From Jordan Mailata to Avonte Maddox and from DeVonta Smith to T.J Edwards, the future of this team is starting to look bright for the next few seasons to come. For a team who has been held down by older injury prone players for the past few seasons, it is a breathe of fresh air to see not only younger players finding thier way through the league, but actually contributing every single week.

With the Eagles locking up a lot of their 2018 draft class, this team will more than likely continue to move off older players. Also, with three first-round draft picks, this team has a great chance to start fixing some issues with young and cheap talent.

5. This team is going to have to make a choice on thier 2020 first-round pick.

At this rate, fans might want to prepare themselves for the possibility of this team drafting another wide receiver. At this point, JJAW's one catch in this game, is more receiving yards than Jalen Reagor has had in four games. The second-year receiver is having a hard time adjusting to the NFL and is not showing any signs of fixing his issues quickly.

To put some context to the situation, the Eagles are using Reagor for what he does best. However, it is seemingly not working and has often resulted in negative plays. At this point this team is going to have figure out something different on how to use him moving forward.

6. Fans witnesses something that we all hope never happens again.

Alrighty Philly fans, time to address the elephant in the room. After being up massively, this team did the one thing we as fans hope we never see again. They throttled themselves and went way to conservative way to early which had the Saints climbing back into a game in which they did not have any business doing in the first place.

Both offense and defense went into neutral which allowed the Saints to score two touchdowns in under three minutes. Ouch. Good news is that the head coach quickly admitted and recognized his mistake, so hopefully we will not have to see that again.

What did you guys think about the Eagles' first home win? Let us know!

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