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5 Eagles' takes entering the bye week.

Philly fans, our beloved Philadelphia Eagles are still the only undefeated team in the NFL as they put away their divisional rivals in the Dallas Cowboys to advance to 6-0 on the season. Now typically, after each game we always do winners and losers piece, but since the vibes in Philly are so high right now, everyone is a winner.

We will instead take a look at some observations as the Eagles get some well-deserved rest time as they enter their Week 7 bye. To me, it is still incredible that not only this is still undefeated, but just how legit this team really is from top to bottom. Beating that Cowboys’ defense was a big-time statement that this Eagles’ roster is one of the best in the league.

Okay, let’s take a look at some of the top observations heading into the bye-week.

1. Not accepting mediocracy.

As the above statement suggests, that has been a problem for this organization since the Super Bowl. Either running it back with aging players to not being aggressive or creative in the free-agent market, this team had hit rock bottom in 2020. Another issue that this team has had is taking minimal success and accepting that as being a standard (think 2018 and 2019).

Fast forward to 2021, the Eagles go 9-8 and make it to the playoffs, but Philly fans feared that this team would accept its mediocracy, maybe even be as harsh as saying that they would lie to themselves and say that the 2021 roster was great. However, as we saw in the offseason, Howie Roseman and company did not. They went out and drafted and traded for true playmakers.

2. Jalen Hurts (as of 6 games) is the guy.

For the last two seasons before 2022, the talk of the Philadelphia Eagles has been primarily surrounding their young QB, Jalen Hurts. We have seen growth from season to season, so it was expected to see incremental growth, but Hurts has exploded on the season and is also in talks for MVP. As of today, this is how has Jalen Hurts ranked:

Total passing yards: 8th

Completion %: 8th



Passing attempts: 17th

Yards per attempt: 2nd

Overall rating: 4th

If Hurts stays on the same course he is currently on, Howie Roseman will look like an all-time genius, and most importantly, the Eagles will have their franchise quarterback.

3. Thoughts of fandom are coming true.

What exactly do I mean by this? Remember when the Birds traded for AJ Brown and we all sat here saying that this offensive would be all but uncoverable with the likes of DeVonta Smith, Dallas Goedert, Quez Watkins, and now, AJ Brown? Then remember when we said it all depends on how Hurts plays, and if he plays well this offense would be unstoppable?

Well, fast forward to 6-0, and this team is legit a big-time contender. Not only are they are a contender, but they might also very well be the best team in the NFL. Our friends at Football Digest recently just released a new video explaining how hard it is to defend the Eagles.

4. "We still left money on the table"

This phrase will sound familiar to any Philly fan who has watched Jalen Hurts' victory speeches, but he is correct in this statement. Philadelphia has some form of a possible trend that seems to be continuing in each of their games. They dominate in the first half, disappear in the third quarter, and resurrect into victory mode in the 4th.

I honestly can not put my finger on if it is other teams adjusting their game plan, the Eagles not adjusting their game plan, or just bad luck. Honestly, it might be all three, but that is something that scares most teams in this league who will face the Birds this season. This team still has yet to put a complete game together, but when they figure it out, good luck.

5. Howie needs to stay on the gas pedal.

Following an incredible offseason, Howie does not need to let up now. This team still has some concerns, particularly in the depth of their secondary, edge rushers, and special teams unit. It was reported today via ESPN that Roseman has already called the Carolina Panthers regarding their star pass-rusher, Brian Burns.

Now, accordingly, the asking price will be two-first round picks, but honestly, I think it will be a lower cost that will more than likely still consist of a first-round pick. However, he is not the only candidate that Howie and the Eagles should make a call about.

What are your takes on the Eagles' season so far? Let us know!

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