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4 major takeaways from Roseman and Sirianni's press conference.

Alright Philly fans, with the Philadelphia Eagles season officially coming to an end, most of us had been awaiting the season final press conference between general manager, Howie Rosman, and head coach Nick Sirianni. In case you missed it, it is worth a watch, but ultimately even I was surprised at some of the things said in that press conference.

Typically, it tends to be a "yeah, for sure we look at that" or "we as a team just need to do better", but this one was a different. During the 35 minute conference, both Sirianni and Roseman were about as honest as I have seen any end of year presser in a long time. Let's dive into some of the big takeaways.

1. The affirmed, reaffirmed, and reaffirmed again that Jalen Hurts is the guy in 2022.

As one would think, the very first question asked was about QB Jalen Hurts and the future of not only him, but that postion. Roseman and Sirianni were very quick to stat that he is their guy heading into the season. Now, of course, we have all heard that before, but they brought it up a few different times during the press conference without being asked about it.

However, I will be the first to say, if Howie has a chance to upgrade the position, he would take it. Ultimately though I took both of their comments seriously, because they took the question seriously. They went into great detail on the things Jalen has to work on.

2. They did not let mediocre success cloud their vision.

This is honestly one of them more impressing things I heard come from them, especially Roseman. Over the last few years, mediocre success has most certainly clouded the judgement of this organization. Heck, look at the last few years and how they ran back the same old players and added "depth" pieces in the process.

Not this season. Both Sirianni and Roseman were blunt on the needs of the team and the bigger picture of next season. Speaking of what this team needs....

3. Unasked, Roseman talked about the draft picks in 2022.

Another thing that stuck out to me during this press conference is Howie, unasked, coming out about the draft capital this team has and the importance of building around Hurts and getting talented youth in the gaping holes in their roster.

2021 maybe ultimately the best draft Roseman has had, but he harped heavily on what this team needs and how important it is to get these picks right.

4. They were honest about players.

This one is the one that really through me off versus the last few season ending pressers. Sirianni and Roseman held no punches when talking about the likes of Jalen Reagor and aging players on this team. Roseman went on to talk about his mistakes in the past being attached to players for to long and how he has to evaluate everything to make the right choice.

Sirianni dove into Reagor heavily and stated that they have already sat down and talked to him about his regression and what he has to work on to stay on this team. They even made the comment that he was WR3 on the depth chart, which to me is big that they understand his current limitations.

You can say take the things said in this press conference with a grain of salt, but in my opinion they were sincere on what they were saying and were open and honest when answering the questions, which is something we haven't seen in a long time.

It's going to be an interesting off-season.

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